Way OUT or way FORWARD?

If there’s something I absolutely despise in the Pet Parent world it’s the quitters.  The folks more willing to give up on their dog than elevate their situation.
The ones looking for a way out, not the way forward! To all my go-getter Pet Parents and Owners. Y’all know you rock This post is for the “other ones” Read Next: The 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

First Rule Of Thumb

You have no right to add a dog to your situation if it’s a mess. If you don’t have your life together then owning a dog shouldn’t be an option. You’re a liability and your dog deserves better Dogs deserve stability and consistency

Mrs Dalton reflects what every Pet Parent should strive to be. Gus, her Doberman lives his best life because of it!

Could you imagine the crisis our country would deal with if it were as easy to adopt a child as it is a dog? Could the two processes be any further apart?

Our Responsibility

We have a responsibility to care for dogs. It’s our duty to provide food, water, shelter and love. To equip ourselves to own them.

Did you catch that part?
To equip ourselves.

That entails taking ownership and accountability.

Owning a dog is a privilege. When did it become their duty to fill our gaps?

In what court was your dog sentenced to involuntary co-pilot for the kamikaze life course you’ve chosen?

With a Trainer like Colleen leading the way there’s no situation that’s impossible!

It didn’t did it?

Feel like your dog has anxiety? Read more about here.

If you don’t possess the proper maturity or emotional stability to function through the day then owning a dog is a no-go. In no way shape or form am I referring to the folks dealing with REAL situations. Unfortunately, it’s necessary to harp on that considering the daily nonsense we all witness. If you go out in public at all you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a wonder we even need Doctors with everyone’s ability to self diagnose though, right?

We as a team individually encounter situations that are difficult for the rest of us to believe.

Someone may call us about a dog with obedience issues. By the time the call is returned they’ve gotten rid of the dog. We’re not talking about dangerous reactivity or aggression either.

Leash pulling, digging, barking, recall…So you gave the dog up?

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Being a Pet Parent means stepping up. Not with that? Then step off.

Too Easy

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Shout out to all you amazing Owners who STEP UP!