The 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Dogs didn’t earn the title of “man’s best friend” just from being cute and cuddly companions!

Many people cite their pup’s loyalty as a reason they love their dog, but the breed of dog you get may affect just how loyal they really are.

Whether you’re thinking of getting a furry friend of your own or wondering just how loyal your pet is, these are 10 of the most loyal dog breeds.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees can be fiercely loyal if necessary!

According to the Applachian Great Pyrenees Rescue, these large and fluffy dogs are natural guard dogs. They do all they can to protect both their owners’ families and other animals in the family’s care, making them great for farms. “He feels responsible for you and your family and your property. They are your friend and not your slave. This characteristic makes for a dog that’s very protective of their territory and everything in it”.


Can Timmy stay out of the well for one episode?

You’re probably familiar with the most famous collie: Lassie. Rough-coated collies had a history of guarding livestock in the 1800s. The breed has also been used to help herd sheep. Possibly due to its loyalty, a handful of notable figures like Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, and Queen Victoria have owned collies.

German Shepherd

This breed is universally regarded as the face of K9 loyalty.

German shepherds may seem intimidating to those they don’t know. However they’re loyal companions once they warm up to you. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as “gentle and loving” towards their own families, they love to be in their owners’ company.

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These guys are not afraid to mix it up!

Beagles are one of the most common and popular breeds in the country. They tend to dedicate their loyalty to just one person though. According to Beagle Care, this is due to the breed’s long history has a hunting dog, often accompanying people as an aid to sniff out and hunt prey.

Labrador Retriever

True and steady…Your lab will be by your side.

Labs are one of the breeds most commonly known for their loyalty. These pups are often trained to be loyal from birth, with some being used as guide dogs or by law enforcement, both of which require staunch loyalty.


That smiling Rottie face can turn sour if their Owner is threatened.

Like other breeds mentioned here, rottweilers are often used for herding. That’s not the only job they’re known for though. The American Kennel Club notes that rottweilers enjoy having jobs, and centuries ago they were used to protect butchers’ money when they would step out of the shop.

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Are Akitas the most intimidating breed? Many would vote yes!

Similar to German shepherds, the Japanese-breed Akitas can be hesitant with strangers, but enjoy close companionship with their families. Akitas protect against anything they perceive to be a threat.


Is somebody messing with my Pet Parents?

Chihuahuas may be smaller than the other breeds on this list, but they are still immensely loyal. Which may be part of the appeal besides their small stature, which makes them easy to take on the go. They have a tendency to latch onto an individual rather than being sociable to other people and dogs, but they can be trained to be more sociable while maintaining attachment to one person.


Weiner dog on alert!

Like chihuahuas, dachshunds also tend to develop attachments to a single person. Despite becoming easily jealous, according to the ASPCA, dachshund are still lively and playful, even if they’re a little stubborn.

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How loyal are those Boxer eyes?

Even though boxers can be large and daunting to the unfamiliar, they’re often playful and happy dogs. Like other breeds, boxers had working roles centuries ago, often pulling carts, herding and more. According to the Pet Health Network, boxers usually connect well with children and become attached to their families and other animals around

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