So What Are The “Zoomies”?

Well, not to get too scientific on ya but it’s called…

Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAPs.

Comin’ at ya!

One moment your pup is calmly eating. The next it is running around the house like there’s a fire burning under its tail. The “zoomies” can last several minutes. They can feel a lot longer when a dog rushes through a crowded home or worse…into you or someone else!

So, How Come Dogs Dash Around For No Apparent Reason?

They are just having fun. These spurts of energy, technically called frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs), are natural and seen in many species.

The zoomies may seem random, but a few triggers are common.

  • When you let your dog out of its crate, they may let out energy built up through the day.
  • You may come home after work and your dog runs around in a brief stint of exercise after a long nap.
  • After a bath, possibly to release nervous energy or excitement from getting bathed. Dogs’ full-body shakes are highly effective, so the post-bath time zoomies likely are not for drying off.

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Which Breeds “Zoom” More?

Gettin’ that energy out!

More athletic and high-strung dog breeds, like Australian shepherds, may do them more often than laid-back dogs. Probably because they need to let their energy out more frequently.

Zooming Is Not A Sign Of OCD!

Although zoomies are normal behavior, some owners misinterpret this behavior. They worry their dog is stressed or ill. Often they will misread zoomies as obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Dogs with obsessive compulsive disorder may do a few different things though. They may chase their tails, follow shadows, snap at the air like they are trying to catch a fly. They might even mop the floor with their tongues.
Are you unsure whether your dog is engaging in zoomies or having OCD symptoms? Record a video and reach out to us! We’d love to take a look.
Does anxiety factor into the zoomies? Read more about anxiety here. 

Are The Zoomies Dangerous?

In the zone!
Zoomies themselves are not particularly dangerous. Though that’s not to say a serious injury hasn’t resulted from them. Personally, I’ve witnessed a few kneecaps tested from a zoomies collision. If you are worried then steer clear of their race path. If you take your dog somewhere off-leash that could be dangerous then get out any excess energy beforehand. Also, hold your dog accountable.

I Repeat…Hold Your Dog Accountable.

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