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No More Behavior Problems, a Well-Trained Dog Who Listens ALL the Time, and Freedom That Comes With Great Behavior...Guaranteed

“Hey Dog Owner!”

I know why you’re here. You’ve got a problem with your dog. And I know how tough that can be.

Some of the smaller stuff like jumping and barking can be kind of embarrassing. It’s not life changing, but it sure would be nice not to have to put the dog away when guests come over or apologize to your neighbor because your dog keeps barking.

Some of the bigger stuff is a liability. Even if your dog hasn’t bit someone yet, the lunging and barking and aggression are enough to make you worried that someone could get hurt.

But even if it’s not that…
Even if it’s just the quality of life you know you and your dog are losing over your dog’s behavior that create problems like:

The result

A dog and owner team who have FOUR big skill sets:

Great On-Leash Walking

The ability to take a walk without pulling, even when distractions (dogs, cats, kids, cars, etc) are present.

The ability to go to a vet’s office and have your dog follow calmly, lie down next to you, and stay put. Even while the other dogs are going crazy.

And to have that SAME ability going to the pet store, outdoor cafe, or dog friendly mall.

Total Control Off-Leash

This can be as simple as having your dog with you as you trot out to the street to grab the mail while knowing your dog isn’t going to run off….

All the way up to taking an off leash hike on a trail, having your dog heel right next to you at times when there are distractions, and run off and play at other times while always coming back when called.

Perfect Manners

We bunch a lot of behaviors into the “manners category”. But our version of great manners goes a little like this:

A dog who doesn’t jump on people, get on furniture inappropriately, calmly knows what to do when the doorbell rings, doesn’t chew, dig, nip, steal food, or get into the trash or onto counters.

Solutions for Aggression /Anxiety

Obedience training describes the sit and heel and come and that stuff.

Overall behavior, though, refers to the heavy stuff. The separation anxiety. Or the aggression; barking, lunging, even bitting and attacking.

Using our system, we can reliably get rid of that.

With over 40+ years of combined experience, we will work with any breed to fix any issue. Our private, individual lessons focus on working together with you, the owner, and your dog, to train the dog to fit your lifestyle. Each training package comes with a variety of client perks, including trainer continuity, unlimited support access, location convenience, and more. Our Advanced Programs include:

How It Works

Training Specification

Get to know you, your dog, and what your specific needs for training are.

In-Home Consultation

Schedule your consult where a trainer will come to you and conduct a behavioral assessment of your dog, develop a training plan, and provide a quote based on your wants/needs.

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