Nine Out Of Ten Pet Parents Don’t Know This One Big Secret!

There is no denying that dogs better our lives and world in a multitude of ways…

Look at this face and tell me otherwise.

Whether it is the tail wagging of your pup ready to greet you at the door after work.  A service dog readily assisting their owner throughout the day with its trained task capabilities.  Maybe it is the vigilant pointy eared law enforcement K9 ready & eager to seek and neutralize danger.

As selfless as all of this can appear let us remember that dogs are selfish.  That is not to make our relationship with them any less romantic.  No one here is trying to take the shine off the paint.

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It is true though…Dogs are selfish. That’s the secret!

At any given moment they are trying to better their situation. This is fact.

Those dogs I mentioned above:

  • Your pet greets you at the door for attention and engagement. You also provide it everything to include food, water, and shelter.  Sounds like you improve their life.  Would you agree?
  • The service dog did not learn to perform its trained tasks without reward and reinforcement.  That behavior was shaped and honed to a real-world standard.
  • Same thing goes for our K9 heroes!  We manipulate and promote their drive in such a way that they will fearlessly fight a perpetrator or seek out thing you would not dare touch.

In each case we have provided value whether we realize it or not.  Enough for them to feel something is worth their time and energy.

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“You want me to do what?”

“I want my dog to…”

How many times do we hear that sentence as Dog Trainers?  More than we can recount.  There is nothing wrong with it, but the next question should be…

“What am I willing to provide?”

Are you willing to provide value?  Not what you value, but what your dog identifies.  Will you be consistent in your approach?  Patient?  Adapt when the situation calls for it?

If the answers are not resounding “Yes’s!” then maybe it is best you reevaluate what it means to own a dog to begin with.

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Both ends of the leash are selfish and that is fine if both are willing to meet each other’s needs.  Willing to take the time necessary for all of it to come together and blossom.

Are you willing to make your wants a reality?  I hope so because you and your dog deserve it!

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