Buying a Goldendoodle? Ask the Breeder These 4 Questions

Love it or hate it there are dog crossbreeds.

There’s no denying the Goldendoodle is one of, if not the most popular. Especially on the Emerald Coast your likelihood of seeing one is very high. On any given day whether you walk down the Beltline, Ponce City Market or Piedmont Park you’re going to bump into a Doodle. They possess the friendly disposition of Golden Retrievers and the smarts of Poodles. Goldendoodle doodles are known to be some of the cutest, friendliest, and happiest dogs in the world due to the exceptional care they receive. That’s not to say we don’t see a high number for training purposes.

The nature of the beast when dealing with your top tier intellectual breeds…Pun intended

Before you get yourself a puppy, the decision mustn’t be taken without a sufficient amount of research. Before getting any dog, you should take note of the different factors which come with the responsibility.

Whether it’s a trip to Publix or anywhere else a Doodle is ready to accompany!

Impulse Decisions Are For Candy Bars NOT Dogs!

These responsibilities can range anywhere from the lifespan of the puppy and making a long-term commitment, time, lifetime costs, pet healthcare, exercise needs, pet-proofing your home, dog training, and so on. That is when you need to contact a responsible breeder whose job is to listen to your questions and connect you with your potential pup.

You must do your dog breed research before getting a puppy. More importantly, it is also a serious part of breed research to be well-informed about the kinds of questions you write down to ask the breeder.

The purpose of this article is to help you make responsible choices and make the process easier for you.

Top 4 Questions for Goldendoodle Puppy Breeders

1. Ask about health guarantee and contract

Before you decide to bring home a puppy, it is important to have sufficient information regarding its health and medical history. This is important to prepare ahead of any possible Goldendoodles health risks and hazards.

Here is a list of health-related questions that you can ask your breeder:

2. Ask about the social experiences the puppy has had so far

Asking the breeder about the social experiences of the puppies is an important factor you should consider. It is a common practice among breeders these days to provide their puppies with a sufficient amount of healthy social interaction before they get sold. It is also a good sign if the puppy’s interaction has been limited to only its family to ensure age-appropriate socialization.

Puppy socialization plays a determining function in the development of puppies into adults and will help you identify any unwanted behaviors in the puppy. Nothing is set in stone, but it’s important to begin somewhere.

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3. Ask for paperwork and health certifications

Before you decide to get a puppy for yourself, you should ask the breeder to provide you with the required paperwork such as vet checks, vaccinations, pedigree papers, and treatments like worming.

Also, try to ask the breeder for the health certifications of the parents as well. This is a crucial step since some parents can have heredity conditions that can be passed down to their puppies.

Moreover, before taking a puppy with you, make sure the puppy is at least eight weeks old because this can impact their development into adulthood. Ask your breeder if they allow their buyers to take the puppies home after eight weeks or keep them for a longer time.

“Puppy Love” is great, but gather the facts too!

4. Ask about their breeding experience with the breed

It is very important to ask the breeder about their experience with a specific dog breed. A legitimate and responsible breeder should be well-informed and equipped with sufficient knowledge.

You should also ask the breeder to give you information regarding the breed’s strengths and weaknesses.

Upbeat and energetic…That’s Doodles!

Looking around the facility will inform you about the breeder’s reliability. If you still have any answered questions, you can be direct with the breeder and let them know your questions.

Breed research is a non-negotiable step when it comes to getting a puppy for yourself. It is good to be mindful of the decisions you make before committing to looking after a puppy. That is why it is important to share your questions with a responsible breeder who will inform you about everything you need to know, from dog breed to pet healthcare and grooming, concerning your potential puppy.

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