Buying A Dog? Beware of Costs this Holiday Season!

PEOPLE love their pets, but how often do they think about the costs? The question is akin to asking which child we love more!

Buying a dog this holiday season? The reality is that pets cost far more than many people expect. And right now, as the economy continues to stumble, those costs have become a burden to many people.

The problem is that the general information out there is not realistic. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates the cost for a large dog at $875 a year for food, medical expenses, toys and a few related expenses, and $560 for first-year setup costs. In comparison the estimate for a cat is $670 a year, with first-year expenses of $365, for a total of $1,035.

These numbers are from the best of all possible worlds.

This month alone one of our clients spent $600 on one Labrador retriever with a bladder infection who needed some kidney tests and $300 on the other one for an injured paw. This did not include the food for the two of them and their Maine Coon cat, nor their monthly flea and tick medicine or heartworm pills. These are the costs no one dreams of when buying a dog!

The holiday gift-giving season means parents will be bombarded by children asking for a dog or a horse. Remember the costs MUST be factored in!


Many pet lovers scoff at talk about expenses. The majority of owners purposely never add up all the expenses whether it be their lone dod or their four dogs, two cats, hermit crab and aquarium.

They’d be too afraid, but the expenses add up.

One spaniel in Panama City charged a Rattlesnake FIVE TIMES and anti-venom ain’t cheap. Another dog in Crestview had buckshot removed from its hindquarters.

Life happens, but these incidents could have been prevented if these dogs had rock solid off-leash obedience like our team provides!


What can you do if your children are clamoring for a pet this year? Saying no is an option, but it rarely works.

A family needs to have a cushion for those times when the medical care costs increase.

Pet owners have few choices when their pets are sick. There are people’s whose job it is to make sure you can pay before they begin caring for your dog. On their desk are brochures for payment plans, the same type people use for funerals or cosmetic dental work. But these plans only spread out the bill —with interest.

Long story short…

Make an intelligent decision for yourself or your family this Holiday season before buying a dog!

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